Member FAQ's

Q: Can anyone join?

A: Members must meet the investor requirements of the Financial Management Conduct Act. Have a look at the descriptions on our application form to see if you fit.

Q: What does it cost?

A: We charge an annual membership fee of $575 (GST incl.). The club also charges investees a fee on funds raised. 

Q: How much do I have to invest?

A: Our members invest a wide range of amounts from as little as $5k. We have a guideline expectation for members to invest at least $25k over a 2 year period but the most important thing is that you are considering a portfolio and planning for the longer term.

Q: How often do you meet?

A: We have an investment event every other month. In between we have club get-togethers and social events. 

Q: What business experience do I need?

A: Our club thrives on having members with a broad range of backgrounds. Investment experience is obviously useful, but not essential. Our club is designed to help you share and learn with others who have complementary expertise.

Q: When should I expect returns?

A: All angel investments are risky and all have the chance of giving no return. Only a proportion of your wealth should be invested in these opportunities. When returns do come, they tend to be in the 4-7 year timescale or longer.

Q: What else do I get?

A: So demanding! We are a very collegial group so you are likely to build friendships and business relationships that go beyond the activity of the club. We also provide access to other events and education opportunities, often involving experts from overseas.