Membership Application Form

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1. I wish to become a member of Angel HQ *
2. I agree to adhere to the Angel HQ Members' Charter, as amended from time to time (please see club rules at bottom of form) *
3. I agree to be an active participant in Angel HQ activities and meet the requirements outlined in the Angel HQ Members' Charter which include pre-screening, attending meetings and making a minimum number of investments. *
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I acknowledge that I may have to provide documentation to support my eligibility to invest on a deal by deal basis
6. Membership Fees *
I acknowledge the annual fee of $575 (inc GST), which is to be invoiced in April each year. Your first fee will be invoiced pro rata, based on month of joining
7. Are you are New Zealand Resident *
I declare that there are no legal reasons that would ban me from being an investor and/or director in any of Angel HQ investments. I confirm that no past, current or future activities taken by me will stand Angel HQ in disrepute and if so agree that my membership will be immediately revoked at such time at the Board of Angel HQ total discretion.
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