Fundraising FAQ's

Q: Should I apply?

A: have a look at our criteria first and, if you fit the bill, get in touch. 

Q: How much money can I raise?

A: Our rounds tend to be from $250k to $1m

Q: How long does it take?

A: The club meets every second month and where there is interest, deals tend to take 8-12 months from presentation to completion.

Q: What does Angel HQ's ideal company look like?

A: Have a look at our criteria but the basics are: a quality team taking a validated product to a huge market.

Q: What are the key elements that make a successful raise with an Angel Club? 

A: Leadership. It takes work from the founders to really make the case for what they need and why. It also takes leadership from the investor side. Find a champion and have them help you set the pace and set the terms.

Q: Am I going to have lots of new investors on my cap table?

A: Our club invests through a nominee company so the underlying investors are not individually added to your capitalisation table.

Q: What does it cost?

A: Everything is success based. We charge a commission on funds raised from the club and the investee also pays for capped legal fees on the deal. Commissions are 6% on a first round and 3% on follow on (excl. GST).